What is Tifosi? Why this name?

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In international tournaments, the Italian team is definitely impossible to miss. The team has many achievements and a great history. The fans, the fans of the Italian team, are called Tifosi. So, what is Tifosi? Jili Asia will give you the answers in the article below!

What is Tifosi?

In ancient Greek, Tifosi means smoke. Or there’s some documentation that Tifosi is a weird, rare disease that involves neurological problems and makes people addicted and very rapidly spreads like epidemics.

Tifosi in Italian is understood as screaming, a word that describes fans, such as football fans. So, the word Tifosi is named specifically for a fan section of Italian football.

In addition, Tifosi is also defined as fanaticism, a disease that spreads through the mental tracks of many of Italy’s fans and supporters. With Tifosi, they’re willing to use violence on the pitch and in the audience to defend their positions and team.

Find out more about Tifosi

If you know the origin of Tifosi’s name, we’ll now find out more together about why Italian fans are called Tifos, what a typical Tifosi is, and the influence of Tifos in sports.

Reason for calling Italy’s supporter Tifosi

Around 1920, after a series of victories by the Italian team. From the big football competitions worldwide that brought pride and pride to Italy. The Neurons are the names of the fans for the Italian national team. It’s their enthusiasm to boost their national football team.

From that time, the name Tifosi was born; however, this name was not commonly used at the time because most fans always disliked and were increasingly harsh when someone called it and didn’t accept the name.

That’s why people call Italy’s supporters Tifosi. There have been many clashes. By 2011, the people of Italy accepted being called by a name with many negative meanings. However, Italy is seen as a lively land full of love for football.

The affection of those who are called Tifosi to them comes from the heart. It’s a love for their favorite national team. Maybe they use violence to protect their team from forces that have a bad influence on it.

What’s typical of a Tifosi?

In addition, it creates a very warm atmosphere that could even be called violent on the stage. Italian fans often have an exceptional attitude toward the Italian people.

A culture of encouragement despite the intervention of other forces. They’re ready to unite against the force of the police. Against the laws that prohibit the use of firearms. They unite to boycott injustice on the lawn, even the referee’s decisions.

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They often scream out on the court and are willing to be violent, to clash with the police. Many people say that fans have different ways of promoting their favorite team. Tifosi they’re fiercely bloody and violent, ready to fight for the team they worship.

Tifosi’s influence on Italian football

You can say that Tifosi has enormously influenced the football community worldwide. Especially the fans of the Italian team. They’re hot and burning and don’t have to collide to protect and recruit their favorites.

Initially, Tifosi was only a small group of fans in Italy, but the Tifos wave was spreading, and now members of this group are found in most countries.

This, however, will show the fans’ favor for the Italian team. But it also has unwanted consequences. Because most of the Tifosi in any country create disputes, even in and out of the lawn, it creates chaos, unpleasant looks, and a wrong impression.

Italian football background in international tournaments

Italy’s football background in the international leagues is the third most successful in the history of the World Cup, only behind Brazil and Germany. The match costume carries the mark of the Italian national team and evokes anxiety and a feeling of winning confidence.

The article above has given you a better understanding of Tifosi and some brief information about the Italian team. We hope you’ll gain more useful knowledge.

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